Quick review of last week’s episode? Bones and Booth had some issues as she was adjusting to being back to work and back at home (since she was on the run for three months). The episode, ironically enough, was about the death of a divorce lawyer, interesting right? Bones and Booth have a pretty descent fight through the episode, a not so great makeup and the audience is left wondering if our power couple is going to be okay or not. My opinion? Probably. But the show needs some drama and discord so I assume there will be problems down the road. “It’s a good thing we’re not married” – Bones said to Booth during the episode. Ouch.

What I find interesting about this episode is that David Boreanaz said on twitter that it was shot last season (Season 7). “Last nights epp of Bones was shot last season, one of four. So is that technically a Season 7 epp and not a Season 8 epp @HartHanson?” I noticed something this episode .. and don’t bash me for saying it … but Bones looked bigger than she did last episode. Like she was post-partum a few weeks. I thought it was pretty weird that she would look like she just had a baby. Thanks for the heads-up David.

Anyways – last week’s episode leads up to this interesting, and gross, episode. “The Gunk in the Garage” begins with a man walking through a parking garage (mysteriously being followed by a mystery man). When he arrives at his car, he sees a Big Gulp resting on the top and when he reaches to remove it .. the cup explodes. The explosion is pretty massive (the car then exploded, other cars exploded) as the man’s body parts are seen flying all over the place as well as broken glass and car parts. The coolest part about the scene was the flaming head that rolled away from the explosion. Pretty gross, pretty awesome. A+ from me. Here’s hoping the episode is just as great.

Bones and Booth are seen next driving and having a very cute exchange about an $800 stroller that Bones wants to buy. They are simply adorable as she gives him “puppy dog eyes” in hopes of convincing him to get the stroller. Adorable.

To the scene of the crime – Cam, Hodgins and Bones are looking at the aftermath of the explosion. The damage is pretty bad as they are finding body pieces everywhere. My favorite part is when Hodgins, who was joking about how he loves doing this and Cam calling him creepy, looks up and pieces of stomach falls on his face. Definitely another two thumbs up from me on the gross factor of this episode.

They head back to the Jeffersonian to begin figuring out what was the cause of death and identify the victim. The case seems pretty easy to solve, or so they think? Booth and Sweets are headed to the scene when Caroline stops them saying she needs to talk to him. He says he can’t because he has to go to the scene. She says they have to talk and since Sweets can’t go alone, she grabs a new agent, Agent Sparling (Danielle Panabaker) to go with him. Did I mention that said agent is a very pretty, very snarky, female agent? Oh boy. Good luck Sweets. I absolutely love how Caroline bosses Booth around in this scene. It’s adorable. Caroline then asks Booth to defend the department’s budget (leading to him getting a promotion and a raise). He seems excited until he realizes everything he has to accomplish.

Sweets and Agent Sparling go to talk to the desk clerk at the hotel. Agent Sparling is a firecracker and a bit of a witch. Sweets constantly tells her to back down and go get a warrant, but she refuses to back down and arrests him. Pretty sure I don’t like her. But we shall see. Booth and Bones talk about the new promotion and Bones doesn’t like how he will be behind a desk instead of out catching criminals. I love how Bones makes fun of Booth in front of Sweets. Angela calls and has identified the victim. Sweets and Agent Sparling head to the victim’s house to talk to his wife. When they do, she breaks down crying after hearing about her husbands death. That is .. until her husband walks up to them. The wife gets very angry that they would “do that to her” and begins kicking Sweets. Haha. It’s pretty hilarious, and also very interesting. Did Angela misidentify the victim? We will find out.

Back at the Jeffersonian, they figure out that the victim has a twin brother. Identical twin brother. They find out that they had been separated at birth and that they didn’t even know each other. Interesting plot twist if you ask me. Sweets and Agent Sparling question the alive twin to try and figure out as much as they can about him and his dead twin brother (as much as they can considering they DIDN’T KNOW EACH OTHER). He states that he needs to “talk to his wife about how much he can say. Hmmmm … controlling wife? Maybe.

Back to Bones and Cam looking at … the bones of the victim and Cam figures out that he was probably hurt by a loan shark due to his previous injuries. Hodgins comes in with a cockroach egg (and Bones mentions how everyone eats cockroach eggs every day, another gross fun fact from this episode). She notices that it is highly deformed and thus a geographical marker from where the victim is from. Sweets, Agent Sparling and Angela figure out who the victim is due to elimination based on the alive twin’s background. Seems contrived to me and unrealistic, but it is television so I’ll let it slide.

Sweets and Agent Sparling are in the car talking and she apologizes. I sense some weird sexual tension building between these two? They go to talk to “Jerry’s wife” who isn’t surprised he is dead. When they leave, they begin flirting with each other. I feel so sorry for Daisy. I just have this feeling that something is going to happen between them. I can see why this was a Season 7 episode. Bones and Booth are barely in it and they are bringing in new characters.

Angela figures out where the explosives came from and Bones and Hodgins go there to question. They find out that there was a break-in and four “sausages” aka explosives were stolen. I loved this back and forth where they talked about the “sausages” .. it was funny. The main guy at the explosives place seemed odd to me and was limping. Who knows … right? Back at the lab, Sweets and Angela figure out that both of the twins were at the hotel at the same time at some self-help conference. They then have this exchange talking about Sweets new relationship with Agent Sparling wherein Sweets defends his relationship with Daisy. Angela knows everything. It’s cute and sad at the same time.

Sweets and Agent Sparling question Carlson (the alive twin) and find out that he was going to give all of his money to the self-help group and move to Colorado. After the questioning, they have another flirt fest. Oh boy. Sweets has it bad already. Hodgins and Bones head back to the crime scene and find out that the killer was there when the explosion happened. The killer had his head as well as sustained other injuries so they try to figure out who that could be.

Sweets and Agent Sparling question go to question Carlson’s wife who immediately confesses to hiring a hit man against her husband. Wow. That was easy. She states, “My husband isn’t dead yet” and they find out that the killer is going to kill him that day. As Booth is about to go do his presentation, Sweets stops him and tells him that Carlson is in danger and Booth has to make a decision: go to the presentation and get the promotion or go save someone’s life? He decides to go with Sweets and Agent Sparling and Cam is going to do the presentation.

Booth, Sweets and Agent Sparling are at the plaza trying to identify the killer and Bones tells Booth that it is the guy from the explosion place (called that didn’t I? haha). They tell him that he’s shaky, off balance and injured. Bones gets ahold of Carlson and tells him to get inside and  hold the doors shut. We see the killer with another Big Gulp cup as Carlson does just that and holds the door shut. The killer is super slow (I get that he was injured) it just seemed a little too fake to me. Booth then pulls out his gun and tells him to back down.

The most interesting, and sad part, is when Sweets acts like a regular civilian who is surprised by everything and he quickly grabs the Big Gulp from the killer. Booth shoots the killer and Sweets is victorious. That is until Agent Sparling sees that Sweets has been shot. At the ambulance, they exchange some words and he tells her that he likes her but he’s taken and in a serious relationship. She says, “I never dreamed of doing this” and kisses him. He smiles afterwards. Oh boy.

End of the episode shows Caroline telling Booth that the budget report went well but he won’t be getting that promotion. Sad? Nope. Bones and Booth are then at home, talking about his lost promotion. Seems to me that they are back to normal.

Overall, the episode was great. Lots of gross, plot twists, drama and humor. So far, my second favorite episode of the season. I’m pretty sure I ended up loving the relationship between Sweets and Agent Sparling (although I thought it was very sudden). How will this affect his relationship with Daisy? Also, will they be working together more in the future? Who knows … but this is definitely a great episode, in my opinion.

Leave your comments below and look out for the next episode, “The Tiger in the Tale” on Monday, October 8 at 8/7C on Fox.

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So we’ve been waiting for, an eternity it seems, for the new season of “Bones” to finally makes its debut of “The Future in the Past.” The Season 7 finale left us with so many unanswered questions and a mighty fine cliffhanger. Dr. Brennan (Bones) had been accused of murder and decided to run away with Christine leaving Booth alone and bewildered. It was a great finale and everyone had high hopes for a killer (no pun intended) premiere.

Let me just say that it started off with a bang … the words “3 Months Later” appeared first with a BLONDE Bones sitting on a blanket with Christine in the middle of nowhere. Whoa. She’s showing her photos of Booth and you can just see that she’s sad and missing him. Max walks up and says they have to run again (obviously that’s something they have been doing for the past few months).

Back at the Jeffersonian, Angela is trying desperately to clear Bones’ name by trying to figure out how she was planted in the surveillance footage. Hodgins tells her to search for other clues.

Lt. Flynn, the FBI agent in charge of the case, questions Booth and tells him that they have to go through his phone calls, emails AGAIN and Booth tells him to go after Pelant (Booth saw him on the surveillance footage at their house, but Pelant somehow erased it before it could be seen by anyone else). Flynn says he can’t, they have no evidence or anything on him.

Clark, now in Brennan’s position and in her office, asks Angela to come in and talk about the case. He obviously runs things a lot stricter (have to put things in binder, kind of a stickler). Dr. Saroyan comes and tries to stop the fight between them and she has to remind Angela, “He’s not Dr. Brennan … You will respect him.” She basically puts her foot down. Like always.

Back to Bones and Max, where Bones is leaving to go somewhere? Then it cuts to Pelant teaching a class at college and, who would have thought, Booth shows up. This obviously won’t be good. Pelant tries to get a restraining order against Booth, blah blah blah.

Cut to the middle of nowhere .. everyone from the Jeffersonian is looking at an uncovered dead body. The strange thing is … it has already been dug up, brushed down – leaving brushed off clues as to the murder, etc etc. Angela figures out that it was Brennan who left it like that and Flynn creates a search team to try and find her.

Cut to the opening title/credits and I am UPSET! THE THEME SONG HAS CHANGED.


Back to the Jeffersonian, where they are looking at the skeletal remains of a woman. Angela says (we don’t know how she knows though) that Bones did this to try and clear her name .. that Pelant killed this woman. Saroyan says to send the info to Booth via email (which is something that was forbidden regarding anything from Pelant) she says there is“No evidence that this was done by Pelant.” Everyone stares, as do I.

Cut to Angela and Booth talking. Angela says that Bones left a message that said “Have Hope” and Booth says how pissed he is that she communicates with Bones and he can’t. He misses the woman he loves and his child. He then gets the email from Clark about the body – some woman who was killed ten years earlier.

Bones is in a hotel room watching the news about the body being found – she is looking at everyone (Angela, Hodgins, Clark) looking at the remains, saying how she wishes Booth was there so she could see him. Then it cuts to Pelant watching the same thing and he pauses the screen on Angela looking at the flowers Bones left.

Booth calls Saroyan and tells her that the woman that is dead was the guidance counselor at Pelant’s old high school. He is very cryptic with his phone conversation with Saroyan, but she deduces that he is on his way to see Bones.

Pelant is at home hacking into the FBI database and sees the files on the guidance counselor’s body and murder. He looks worried and says to himself, “Okay, Okay” and smiles. UGH. I hate this guy.

Sweets gets questioned by Flynn who (hilariously) diagnosed him and covers for Booth. Love Sweets, always have and always will.

Booth is in a swanky hotel room as he hears something and grabs his gun. The door opens slowly and he is attacked by someone. As he goes to punch said person, he stops and says, “Bones?” They have a quiet moment between each other and then begin making out intensely. Ah, love. The next morning he is playing with Christine (you can really tell he missed her) and they discuss how she discovered the guidance counselor’s body, etc etc. Booth quotes some pretty smart facts about organic composition and Bones is impressed. He confesses to reading her books why she was gone, “They are thick, they are … really heavy.” Max walks in and tells them that Bones, Christine and him have to get going again since Pelant will obviously try to pin the murder of the guidance counselor on her.

Back to the Jeffersonian, Clark and Dr. Saroyan are examining the body and trying to find cause of death. She was hit in the head from behind by a weapon. Hodgins comes in and says that it was a rock. Clark is upset because that doesn’t make sense to the wound. He mentions the binder again and everyone just looks at him (even I’m getting super annoyed by him being in charge).

Angela is at the diner with Caroline talking about how she is going to start from scratch to try and figure out how Pelant framed Bones. Angela mentions how she figured out how Pelant forged Caroline and Bones’ electronic signatures, but she can’t prove that he actually did it since he was able to cover his tracks (mumbo jumbo I didn’t understand). Caroline gets excited that she can get cleared and back to work on the case.

Bones tells Booth that she really needs to examine the bones of the guidance counselor. She says how she feels like she is in prison and she hates it. Booth tells her to keep trying and that she has Christine and him and that’s all that matters. Cute.

Sweets is confused that Caroline was able to get the case file and she tells him that Sweets and Caroline are back on the case. They begin looking at the evidence for the guidance counselor murder. They talk about a few things like Pelant being suspended for hacking into the school’s database to change a date, how the counselor wrote a letter of recommendation for him. Sweets talks about the letter and how the linguistics of it and figures out that Pelant recommendation letter was forged. He wrote the letter, killed the guidance counselor to get into Stanford. What a jerk.

Angela tells Hodgins that the knicks on the guidance counselor’s body aren’t from being buried but from cut marks. Angela says that she wishes Bones could see the progress on the case and asks Hodgins for a favor. He figures out that they have been talking. We learn that they (Bones and Angela) leave flowers for each other as code. Angela won’t tell him the code to protect him and everyone else.

We see Hodgins at a cemetery with flowers (obviously going to leave them for Brennan). All of a sudden, Pelant steps into frame behind him (I gasped so loud). Hodgins walks up to him and says that they are close to figuring everything out and that he better stay away from all of them. Pelant begins talking about his psychological files at the FBI and how he is a conspiracy theorist. He says, “You aren’t capable of murder.” BUT THEN HODGINS BEGINS TO CHOKE HIM! (I had an epic freakout). Hodgins goes on this rant explaining step by step on what his body is doing reacting to being choked (really freaked me out seeing him like that) and then pelant just smiles and lets go of his hands, staring at him. He realizes what Pelant was doing and lets go, walking away.

Back to the Jeffersonian, Flynn is questioning everyone. Hodgins is talking about Pelant, Angela confesses to the cryptic flowers. Flynn demands that she tell Brennan to come in and Sweets tells him that Bones wouldn’t dare show up to a cemetery again since Pelant has figured out the flower system. The scene then cuts to the cemetery and Max figures out that Pelant is there. He tells him that he won’t lead him to Bones. He is heading to Mexico instead. (Guessing that is part of the agreement with Bones that if something happened, he would leave or not return. So she would know? Guess we will see).

Hodgins admits to Sweets that he interacted with Pelant, choking him. Sweets begins to profile Hodgins’ behavior (typical right?) but Hodgins talks further and tells him that Pelant wanted him to kill him. Good information to know in the case, apparently.

Clark figures out that the guidance counselor’s throat was slit and Dr. Saroyan says that he needs to tie the weapon to Pelant. Dr. Saroyan apologizes and says that she realizes now that Clark working to clear Dr. Brennan’s name will lead to him losing his position. He smiles and she says that she will never forget him working so hard on it.

Back to the hotel, Max hasn’t returned in five hours and Booth says that they need to go. They have a little spat as to why she left in the first place, he “understands” but he doesn’t. The scene cuts to Pelant looking at FBI records and codes and Clark’s name comes up with his information (uh-oh). He says, “You should have stolen that car Agent Booth.” (Not really sure what that meant .. but I figure we will soon find out).

Booth stumbles upon Max trying to start the car outside the hotel. Max tells him that he saw Pelant at the cemetery. He tells him to switch cars (Booth gets the stolen one and he will take Booth’s bought car). He says that Pelant will follow him and he will kill him as he drives off. Booth screams his name (obviously knowing that it’s not a good idea). Booth calls up Flynn and tells him that Bones is fleeing and gives him the car information. Flynn tells him, “You are the second person to call reporting that car stolen.” Booth just hangs up and throws his phone.

Hodgins walks into Dr. Saroyan’s office and says that everyone needs to leave, including the security guards while he “works on binder stuff.” But Saroyan knows he’s meeting someone else. We see everyone leaving the building and the lights being turned off, but a door opens and guess who shows up? Hodgins, Angela … with Booth and Bones. They begin working on figuring out the guidance counselor murder. Sweets shows up and he has a problem with this whole thing. Booth only wants him there to protect Bones if anything goes wrong. Booth … leaves? (Odddddd). They continue working on the body.

Booth is with Flynn trying to get Pelant arrested for breaking parole (he had been hacking into the FBI emails, etc etc). Flynn says he can’t do anything with no proof and Booth tells him, “How will you feel if Pelant gets away with this and then maybe kills someone close to you?” Flynn caves and calls some analysts to come and figure out the computer codes.

Bones and Hodgins are still trying to figure out the murder. Bones tells Sweets that she was hung, gutted and bled to death. She figures out that she fell, hit her head and then was drug up and moved. They just need to figure out the murder weapon. Meanwhile, Booth and Flynn go to arrest Pelant and he denies doing anything.

Hodgins tells Dr. Saroyan that he knows she made Clark send the email to catch Pelant. She smiles and denies it, as always. He tells her that he will stay at the lab to “watch over things” over night so the security team doesn’t have to check things. Bones will be working again on the case. Woot. Angela tells Bones that she can’t figure out the code that Ethan Sawyer wrote on the wall (from the finale). Sweets walks in and figures it out for them – the triangle stands for the three sides of Pelant. He tells them that one of the sides is that Pelant wants one of them (Angela, Sweets, Bones) to kill him. Angela’s face goes blank and Sweets and Bones leaves her to work and figure out exactly what the code means.

Bones is looking over the findings in Clark’s binders and tells Dr. Saroyan that Pelant didn’t kill the guidance counselor with an ax. Dr. Saroyan is shocked that she has figured that out. Bones tells her that he was fat in high school. Dr. Saroyan shows her digital yearbook photos, but Bones tells her that in the original yearbooks, he was never pictured. Bones tells Dr. Saroyan that she knows he was fat due to his stature and walking patterns due to extreme pressure on his bones. She tells Dr. Saroyan that Pelant used a Japanese sword (from Hodgins findings) to kill the guidance counselor. A sword Pelant’s grandfather would have brought back with him from the war, a family heirloom. Dr. Saroyan tells her they will get a warrant to search the family home. She turns and tells Bones, “You got him” and they both share smiles.

One of my favorite songs begins playing, “Ho Hey” by the Lumineers, as we see a montage of Clark figuring out that sword was the murder weapon, Angela putting the code together and finally…Pelant being put away for murder. Max is talking to Booth and tells him “This guy Pelant…he needs killing, Booth.” Angela uses the code to remove Brennan from the surveillance footage and everyone is smiling and happy. My favorite moment was when Booth walks into the interrogation room and Pelant is smiling. Booth opens the box and removes the sword and Pelant’s face just falls. Loved the montage.

Finally, we cut to the Booth/Bones residence (Bones is still blonde and I’m wondering if they will keep her blonde?). Everyone is there celebrating and Flynn goes up to make a speech/toast, it’s all really sweet. Dr. Saroyan announces that the Jeffersonian needs TWO anthropologists, one for crime and one for serious anthropological work. Clark gets wide-eyed as he says he would love to do some serious work and Bones says she loves crime. Everyone seems happy .

Cut to Bones and Booth alone, she has dyed her hair back. YAY. Finally things will get back to normal (I find it funny that Booth is wearing a Flyers shirt). Bones apologizes and Booth tells her that she did the right thing. They begin to make-out and take each others clothes off (Wowzas) when Booth’s phone rings. He goes to answer it and we find out that Pelant is not Pelant.

They rush to the Jeffersonian and see that he is being represented by the Egyptian government. Caroline tells him that his DNA, medical records, everything puts him to a new identity and they are shipping him back to Egypt that instant. Booth asks Flynn if there is anything that they can do. Flynn tells him no. Pelant comes up to Bones and gives her a flower. She slaps him and he is taken away. Booth asks her what the flower is and what it means. She says that it is a Marigold and that it means “pain and grief.” Booth takes the flower, throws it away and they leave. We then see someone pick up the flower out of the trashcan. That person is Flynn and the episode fades.

Very interesting twist at the end, don’t you think?

Overall, I thought the episode was pretty good. I got a little frustrated that they caught Pelant so quickly so I’m glad that the twist was there. I didn’t think he would be caught so easily. I’m hoping that they try to fight him the rest of the season. I love love love serial killers. But then again – I would have liked the relief of knowing he was caught for good.

Leave your comments below and look out for the next episode on Monday, September 24 at 8/7C on Fox.

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Last week’s episode “Letting Go” focused more on Ryan’s personal life at home while this week’s episode focused more on him working his new job, attempting to wrangle Wilfred and, hopefully, start a relationship with Amanda, his hot co-worker (played by Allison Mack). Almost the entire episode was at his place of work and I didn’t mind it. It was nice to see him “letting go” and hopefully “moving on.” I was interested in seeing what lesson he would learn this week. The title of the episode was titled “Dignity” so I figured it had to do with him standing up for himself in some way.

The episode begins with Ryan sitting at his desk at working going through some papers when he finds a wedding invitation with a post-it note from his dad telling him he has to go. He sits there and hovers over the “Yes” RSVP option when in walks Amanda. I absolutely love Allison Mack as Amanda (maybe I just love Allison Mack in general) but she is just so inviting and spunky. They begin talking about their date for that evening and they both seem pretty excited about it when their boss, Jeremy (Steven Weber) walks in and announces he has some big legal brief he needs Ryan to finish ASAP causing him to have to work over night and reschedule their date. I love what Amanda says in response to their reschedule, “All this changing of schedule better be an elaborate foreplay.”Ha. I just love how forward she can be. Can’t wait to see how it affects Ryan’s relationship with Jenna.

Wilfred calls Ryan up from Ryan’s apartment (Ryan is watching Wilfred while Drew and Jenna are away for awhile. Maybe getting married?!) and we see him completely trashing his apartment from tearing up pillows to knocking plants over .. typical dog stuff. Ryan doesn’t really want to talk to him much considering all Wilfred wants is to talk about his day from what he ate to the smell of his farts. We see Ryan the next morning trying to crate Wilfred, obviously since he destroyed his apartment the night before, and Wilfred refuses. He says he is a social butterfly and cannot be contained. He begs to be taken to Ryan’s work and Ryan finally caves. Wilfred grabs his tail, shakes it very fast while he screams, “YEAH!” which to me is exactly what a dog would do/think during the situation. Jason Gann does a wonderful job this episode of portraying Wilfred. Probably my favorite thing about this show is seeing how he makes a guy in a dog suit appear more and more like a regular dog. He makes it look so easy.

Well, we see Ryan and Wilfred at work and he is going to try and sneak Wilfred into his office when Wilfred busts out and starts sniffing everyone and screaming, “There are people everywhere! Over here, over there!” The office staff absolutely love him to death and everyone is happy to see him, until Jeremy walks in upset about his morning commute. Everyone in the office freezes as Jeremy sees Wilfred. We expect him to be upset and possibly fire Ryan (considering we all get the view that he doesn’t like him that much). Instead, Jeremy gets on the ground, grabs Wilfred, holds him down and tickles/rubs his “belly” while Wilfred just lays there awkwardly saying, “This is happening, this is actually happening.” Jeremy loves Wilfred and even gives Ryan an extension on the legal brief. Ryan is super happy about the news.

Scene cuts to Wilfred sitting outside talking to some pigeons about how everyone loves the “office dog.” We see Ryan as well sitting at a table with Amanda and they are talking about rescheduling the date to that weekend which ends up being Amanda’s birthday, “We can huff keyboard cleaner together.”They hold hands at the table and it’s just adorable. I love love love them together.

It’s the next day at work and Ryan is trying to decide on the wedding invitation again when he is interrupted again (seems like this wedding invitation is going to be the center of his struggle for this episode). Wilfred is annoying everyone in the office and he forces Wilfred back to his office. Wilfred is upset and doesn’t understand what’s happening. He’s not getting a single laugh,“If I can’t do it, they’ll get a fooseball table that can.” So dramatic, such a dog. He comes up with the perfect bit that will get everyone laughing. He decides to slip and slide on the concrete floor like a clumsy dog, but when he does he knocks over the water cooler which makes everyone even more upset. Jeremy walks back in and really upset by a competitor of theirs catching up to them and working on the same stuff. I absolutely love his boss and how abrasive and blunt he can be. My favorite line by him so far is “If those clowns come up with a cure for lung cancer, it’s going to be a sad, sad day!”So wrong, yet so right. However, this incident with the water cooler reminds him about that deadline and he makes Ryan get it done the next day AND gives him more work. Uh-oh. That date might actually not happen after all.

Ryan is in the basement going to pull an all-nighter to get the work done when Wilfred comes in and hands him an “office dog” resignation. Wilfred gets really uptight about Ryan’s wedding invitation and tells him that he needs to stand up to his dad and tell him he doesn’t want to go to that “Black tie circle jerk.” Wilfred adds that Jeremy is a lot like his strict dad and that Ryan needs to stand up to him as well. Ryan completely disregards his accusations and says that Wilfred has to come to work, be cute and get him an extension. Wilfred agrees, but only if Ryan will help him write his routine. They stay up all night working. Wilfred hasn’t come up with anything and Ryan’s suggestions aren’t helping him, “Honestly, the fact that you think it’s great makes me think that it’s not great.” He turns to Bear (his stuffed teddy bear) and asked him to read back the notes of the night and it turns out that Bear hasn’t been taking any notes. He gets really mad and covers his head with a bag, saying he doesn’t want to look at him. Ryan looks at Bear and they realize that they are going to do for his routine, “The bag is on my head and I can’t get it off” routine. Classic.

The next day, Wilfred is about to do his routine. He is announcing it for the whole room to see and just when he is about to do it .. Ricky, the mentally-handicapped janitor, grabs the bag and says it’s not safe for the dog to play with it. He then puts the bag on his own head and pretends to be a dog with a bag stuck on his head. The whole office laughs and Wilfred is royally pissed. The scene cuts to them in the bathroom where Wilfred is complaining to Ryan about what just happened. Ricky comes in and interrupts them and Wilfred attacks him and bites him on the face. Ricky threatens to blackmail Ryan and tell the boss, Jeremy, if Ryan doesn’t do his job of cleaning the bathrooms. Ryan obviously agrees and we see him cleaning the bathroom with Wilfred telling him to stand up to his boss and Ricky. He brings up Ryan’s relationship with his dad and Ryan gets really upset saying, “I was a great lawyer and I was a great son!” but then breaks down and realizes that it was never good enough for him and that he needs to stand up for himself and not take it anymore. Overall, pretty dramatic scene. We, the audience, realize that this is what the title is about, Ryan overcoming his father and his boss and standing up for himself as a person. He says, “I’m done!” to his reflection in the mirror and Wilfred punches the mirror as well, scared of his own reflection (loved that part).

Ryan storms into his boss’ office and demands that he have an extension and, surprisingly, Jeremy gives it to him immediately before he even can plead his case. Ryan is pretty proud of himself and goes back to his office. He grabs the wedding invitation and marks “No” for the RSVP and feels very pleased about it. Wilfred isn’t too pleased and wants to go tell off Jeremy. He runs out of the office and Ryan chases after him. They open up the door to Jeremy’s office (and I cannot believe this actually happened) and we see Ricky, the mentally-handicapped janitor, underneath Jeremy’s desk … you know. Yeah. It’s messed up. But that’s what this show is all about – stretching the limits and crossing some lines. Ryan looks at his boss and says, “Actually, I’m going to need the next week off” and his boss agrees. Ryan and Wilfred leave and the episode is over. Wow. Not how I pictured that to end at all.

Overall, the episode was pretty good. It was funny, kind of dramatic and really gave us a bunch of new characters to enjoy. Amanda is very forward, which obviously differs from Ryan, but they doesn’t mean they clash. Not at all. They have this odd chemistry that I really do like and I’m looking forward to seeing where it is headed. Jeremy is obviously WAY creepier and weird than I thought and I’m unsure where exactly they are going to go with that plot. But then again – they own everything else they attempt, so why should I question this?

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After a mind-numbing Season One (and the special preview episode that BLEW MY MIND) I was really excited to see where the new season would take us.Season One’s “special preview” left off with Jenna still with Drew (Chris Klein) and a rocky, unsure relationship between Wilfred and Ryan. Season Two’s premiere episode, “Letting Go” is just that .. an episode of letting go and, attempting, to move on. At the beginning of the episode, he is heading over to Jenna’s house to see Wilfred (who is back and feeling better). The audience immediately sees Wilfred ignore Ryan and run and “shake hands” with Drew, acting as if he doesn’t recognize or want to see Ryan. That might be a bunch of bologna since I feel that in the “special preview” episode showed them being nice and friendly, he has to at least recognize Ryan. Jenna tells Ryan that she only was agreeing to marry Drew because she thought she was pregnant (she isn’t). Shocker? No. Wilfred switched her pee in the previous season.

Ryan catches Drew and Wilfred playing catch in the yard and Drew confides in them saying how worried he is about him and Jenna and that things are pretty rocky since she found out he has been using steroids. Although I am always one to root for the protagonist, Chris Klein is hilarious in this role. He’s so goofy and such a tool (My favorite scene of his is being him beating Ryan at ping pong and freaking out about it). I want him and Jenna to be over .. but I don’t want him to be off the show. He’s just awesome. Although I do like his character, I don’t like his relationship with Wilfred so far this season. Drew spent most of his time taking care of Wilfred and Wilfred feels, I assume, obligated to be his “best friend” and wants his acceptance? I don’t dig it at all.

There is a new face on the show this season (she was introduced in the special preview episode). Amanda (Allison Mack) is a co-worker with Ryan and, I hope, a possible love interest. I’ve always thought she was adorable and I love seeing her on this show. She offers to get lunch with Ryan (he declines) and we all know it isn’t just lunch she’s after, she wants more. Now if only Ryan can let go of someone else …

Ryan later catches Jenna upset, packing her car and crying. Ryan makes a bad break-up joke and she admits she just can’t “let him go.” Ryan obviously wants to know more of what happened and goes to find his only source .. Wilfred. He catches Wilfred taking a jog (trying to get in better shape) and tries to get some information out of him, but Wilfred says no. He doesn’t want to hear about Ryan’s problems anymore and doesn’t want to be his “Dr. Phil” (Wilfred: I’m not Dr. Phil, okay? I’m Dr. Wilfred…and I only call myself that when I’m dj-ing). However, Wilfred wants to impress Drew and Ryan agrees to help him train for a competition if he helps him with Jenna. It’s a deal.

They begin their training by hanging out in the basement together watching game footage and Ryan convinces Wilfred that the only way that he can win is to use steroids. Wilfred says he can’t use Drew’s steroids because he only takes illegal drugs (Wilfred: I have a strict policy against taking any drug that’s not illegal. They’re never strong enough). So, Ryan and Wilfred decide to go and try to get some steroids. They run into issues with this sex-crazed drug dealer and Ryan almost has to “shlob this guy’s nob” for the drugs but instead just has to give him a tenderly “hug” (a long an awkward one at that, but nothing short of hilarious). Wilfred gets the steroids just in time for the competition and as Drew is giving him a pep-talk, Ryan and Jenna get a chance to talk. She says that things are better and Ryan tries to convince her that things are only because because she wants them to be and that she’s tricking herself into thinking things are better. Obviously, Ryan cannot let go of this woman.

He runs over to Wilfred and demands the pills to throw them away. He realizes that he would rather lose Wilfred than to hurt him over a girl. FINALLY – he is letting go. Wilfred goes nuts however and tears apart the obstacle course and even pees on it. He is awarded a “participation” award and Drew isn’t impressed. Wilfred finally says he’s done. He doesn’t like Drew anymore. Wilfred wants to make Drew’s life hell. He hands Ryan the bottle of pills and tell him to hide them in Drew’s things so that Jenna will finally kick him out for good. Ryan can have Jenna and everyone can be happy.

But Ryan has asked Amanda out … and she has said yes. Wilfred says he’s happy for him, although I’m not so sure that he is happy, and mentions that this relationship is like a relationship he once had with his couch? Oh yeah. It went there and I loved it.

I think that some might consider the special preview episode “Progress”  as the premiere episode, but I would disagree. It’s a lot darker and, honestly, kind of freaky and really explains nothing about the show. I feel it really would confuse those who hadn’t watched it before. “Letting Go” is a lot more viewer friendly, however, and actually follows a plot (while the special premiere was really more of  a dream for Ryan).

Overall, I thought this episode was a great “premiere” episode. Although it was a bit stale at time with the dialogue, it really worked to bring audiences, who were unaware of the characters or the previous season, up-to-date on the happenings of the premiere e show.

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This week’s ‘Bones’ episode did more than just redeem itself from last week’s mess of an episode. From start to finish, “The Bump in the Road” was funny, heartbreaking, and full of enough guts and drama to tide any audience over for another week.

“The Bump in the Road” began with a beautiful family moment between Bones, Booth, and their new daughter, Christine. The whole idea of her “winking” and both of them feeling pride as parents made me smile. Christine is a beautiful, and well behaved, little baby and I cannot wait to see more of her on screen.

This episode “murder” centered around a body found across a stretch of highway which ends up being the body of an extreme couponer who ended up being drug along by a semi truck. Within minutes of the show, there was tons of guts, blood, and body pieces strung all over the place.  However, despite this amount of gore on the screen, Bones toned down it all with the constant photographs of her daughter she receives (one every thirty minutes). I absolutely loved her awkwardness as she accidentally sends a picture of the murder remains to her daycare director. Spot on, Emily. Spot on.

An interesting relationship dynamic was introduced in this episode that, at first, I was unsure would make any sense/be awkward and weird. Finn, the intern, and Michelle, Cam’s daughter, began dating this episode and not to Cam’s likeness. Throughout the episode, her upset at the thought of them dating was very well played and I even though I thought the relationship was rushed, I began to feel sorry for Finn and Michelle. At one point, Cam strictly tells Finn to not see her again and he gives in. His apparent heartbreak was believable and even more believable when he shows up at the end of the episode basically declaring his love for Michelle. Cam gives in and allows them to see each other and my heart fluttered. I’m actually excited to see where this relationship goes…hopefully – it doesn’t end badly.

Another surprise in this episode was Shaw’s character admitting to having a child. I was blown away by how she inadvertently made it clear how separate she keeps her work and her personal life from her co-workers. Booth could learn a thing or two from her. I’d say – give Shaw some cases and see what she does with them. I absolutely LOVE her character. More Shaw, Hart Hanson. More Shaw.

The relationships in this episode were superbly depicted unlike last week’s episode where ever scene felt forced and fake. I felt the genuine passion from Bones at the end of the episode as she cried holding her daughter, professing how much she misses her and loves her. I felt the conviction Booth felt as Shaw gave him a one-two slap in the face with some harsh truth about work professionalism. I felt Finn’s dire need for companionship and Cam’s defensiveness as a mother.

Despite the fact that the murder turned out to be rather lame and boring in the end, the relationship dynamic made up for it.

Fingers crossed next week’s episode is also full of the same guts, love, and drama.

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I hate waiting for new episodes of shows that decide to go on hiatus mid-season. It kills me, puts me on edge. Especially after an episode such as “Crack in the Code.” Granted, I’m well aware Emily Deschanel needed to have some kind of maternity leave after having her child, but I hated waiting three long months to then be massively disappointed.

“Prisoner in the Pipe” was such a let down episode in my opinion. Despite the fact I was really looking forward to a continuation of “Crack in the Code,” most of the acting seemed force and fake, and the story was completely contrived and unrealistic. It seemed as if the episode wasn’t really focused on the case, but more on the relationships within the show.  For instance, I found myself shipping Hodgins and Daisy at the end of the episode … WHAT?! WHY?! HOW?! The writers decided it would be fun to put those two together for a bulk of the episode and have them flirt with each other. Weird and unrealistic, in my opinion. Plus Daisy and Sweets attempting to have sex in Bones’ office? Yeah, that was weird. There was lots of weird in this episode.

In regards to the whole Bones/Booth dynamic of this episode, Emily Deschanel was superb as always. David Boreanaz not so much. We, the audience, get that your character is catholic. But you don’t have to do a Hail Mary every time you walk by a cross. We’re educated, we get it. Also, the whole ‘hospital birth’ argument got a little old. I understand they were building it up for the actual birth later in the episode, but it was still annoying.

Even though there was a TON wrong with this episode there was one moment that really stuck out in this episode: the birthing scene. Bones giving birth…in a barn…on hay. After being told there was no “room in the inn.” Could it have gotten any more lame/cheesy? I get they were building up this birth with the constant argument of hospital vs. home birth…but REALLY?! It was completely unrealistic that they wouldn’t just drive the extra ten miles to a hospital or that someone wouldn’t drive from the hospital. Where was her midwife? I’m assuming she would have had one if she was having a home birth. I just find it lacking credibility and just plain stupid. Plus Hodgins comment at their home, “Worthy of a manger?” Yeah. I wanted to turn the TV off.

‘Bones’ better redeem itself in the next episode. I want more action. I want more drama. I want more sexual tension between SOMEONE. I get that having a child dilutes the story and makes it impossible for anything to be “dangerous.” I just wonder if they will pick up the story with Christopher Pelant or wait a few episodes so that the “new” parents can get into the swing of things. I’m crossing my fingers for more danger.  I guess we shall see tonight.

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