There is something about fall that just gives me goosebumps – from the smell of leaves to the feeling of the cool breeze, it is by far my favorite season. So, to commemorate the start of the season, my little one and I decided to go out and explore the park (and try out her new Peach Bertie’s from Jonah and the Girl). We had a blast! She got to play with some kids her age and officially wore me out (she’s a fast walker). Despite her feet being a tad too small for the shoes (she kept kicking them off when she was climbing the stairs to the slide), they are absolutely perfect. Check out some photos I captured of my little one exploring and go check out Jonah and the Girl for some awesome kicks for your little one.

* All photos captured with an iPhone


New, and hopefully, on-going photography project that I hope I can begin working on. I’d love to collect as many of the letter K throughout any and all parts of life. I’m going to start collecting them and once I get a descent amount of photos, I’ll upload the finished project. Any feedback would be appreciated.