Why Watch NBC’s ‘The New Normal’

One of the shows that was picked up by NBC for this fall, The New Normal, is actually not that normal at all. The New Normal is something entirely different … perfect if I might say.

The show follows Bryan (Andrew Rannells from the Broadway show, The Book of Mormon) and David (Justin Bartha from The Hangover) who are a gay couple living in Los Angeles. They are the perfect couple with very successful careers. The one thing they are lacking .. is a family. Into their life walks Goldie (Georgia King) and her daughter Shania (Bebe Wood) who have recently moved away from the Midwest to start a new life on the west coast. Eventually she agrees to be the surrogate for the couple and both of the families lives begin to intertwine.

The show has gotten many mixed reviews since the season first aired mid-September. Ironically, a Mormon-owned television station in Utah refused to broadcast the show since it centered around a gay couple.  The show does a great job showing that kind of bigotry from conservatives on the issue as, in the show, Goldie’s conservative grandmother follows them to L.A. She doesn’t approve of their lifestyle and choices and does a really good job of showing how half of America views the homosexual lifestyle. Despite some not approving of the show’s focus, others, like myself, simply love the down-to-earth comedy.

The New Normal is funny, witty and adorable. It’s great to see a show centering around a gay couple and their trials trying to have a family. This struggle is something many Americans are facing and I give NBC props for picking up the show.

The fifth episode of this season airs tonight called “Nanagasm” on NBC at 9:30/8:30C. 

[ As seen on HRC ]


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