Monthly Archives: October 2011

I have a love/hate relationship with new beginnings.

New beginnings, which I will leave vague for the time being, are like friends.
Not like best friends. Not close friends.
You know … friends.
Someone you know, but don’t know very well.
Easily forgotten.
The ones who throw you under the bus?
Yeah. Friends.
New beginnings are like friends.
You get one, and at first, everything is great.
You have a lot in common and you spend a lot of time together.
But eventually you hit that wall.
That moment when you realize that this … isn’t going anywhere.
This thing that you just met, just started .. this ‘friendship’ starts spiraling.
Faster than you can imagine.
You become overwhelmed and confused.
You neglect them at times and things fall apart.
You start to lose your grip.
But unlike friends, who are interchangeable at any time, New Beginnings are not.
New Beginnings, still vague, have to be endured.
You have to press on and keep on the rocky path.
You have to put in extra time and sacrifice so much for so little.
You hurt yourself, not because you want to feel miserable, but because you have to feel miserable.
That’s the catch 22.
The impending doom.
You have no choice.
New Beginnings is life and everything that come with it.
And with life, there is no getaway car.