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Sometime late last night one of our country’s satellites came hurling into our atmosphere. The Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS), which was deployed in 1991, was shut down in 2005 and NASA, at the time, didn’t feel it necessary to shoot it down safely and monitor it’s descent into our airspace.

No, NASA decided to just ignore the big piece of space junk for six years until it made it’s own decision to crash onto our planet.

Fine, not that big of a deal … NASA will just monitor the crash so no one gets hurt … Oh wait. They don’t know where the satellite crashed.

How can our government know that a satellite is about to smash into our planet but can’t stay awake long enough to find out where exactly the waste if space was going to land?

I’m guessing they figured it didn’t matter if Times Square was demolished by a few tons of ‘cooled metal rims and batteries’ or if the Eiffel tower was smashed to pieces. Not smart USA, not smart at all.

As a normal human being, as one in a billion of the same, … I surely wonder where the satellite found its home.


Someone recently asked me who was my favorite movie character and I had to hesitate with my answer. For quite some time.

See, for me, this is a difficult question.I have a deep love for film and it’s very hard for me to decide on just one character, or actor. But if I was forced to make a choice, I would probably choose the character Clementine from the movie, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Throughout the film Clementine radiates a level of eclectic energy that really strikes a spot in my heart. Her ever changing hair reminds me of myself and how I enjoy changing things about myself (although never as drastic considering the only thing I’ve done to my hair is either cut it or dye it blonde). Her attitude and demeanor, although shocking at times, is very raw and real. Even as a straight woman, I am drawn to her hypnotizing smile and easy going nature.  Clementine is a bi-polar, demanding women and I just love her. Plus, I really enjoy the Huckleberry Hound song, “Oh my darling, Oh my darling, Oh my darling Clementine .. thou art lost and gone forever. Dreadful sorry, Clementine.”

Ah – the beginning of a new semester! Campus is buzzing with life as students are spending their days getting to know their roommates, playing frisbee in the quad, and browsing the bookstore. However, for others, like myself, the past couple of weeks have not been joyously spent registering for classes or attending involvement fairs.

Our time has been spent trying to accomplish the only task left after graduation – finding that dream job. Our time is spent writing resumes, applying for jobs, and, hopefully, attending interviews (until our ears bleed) as we patiently wait by the phone and refresh our inboxes looking for that glimmer of hope.

However, that glimmer of hope isn’t shining so bright these days for many college alums. In fact, many alumni rarely have a job in their field after graduation. Most alumni are scrambling together to get a job, any job to help them pay for the massive amount of  debt they accrued while attending college. But no matter how hard and how long they struggle, the jobs are just not there.

And why are we so surprised? Unemployment is at an all time high with the current recession. Millions of college alums are graduating at the same time, applying for the same positions, each possessing the one thing they were taught would separate themselves from competitors in the job market – a college degree. But the harsh reality that smacks each student in the face is the drop in value of said “college degree.” Years ago, a college degree was all a recent graduate needed to guarantee a position at a great company, but not anymore.

Companies want experience and diverse experience at that. A good “prospective candidate” for a position must have an expansive portfolio with many samples of work, a filled resume, and years of internships. With applicants reaching into the hundreds per job opening, each student needs to stick out as much as possible with as much experience as possible.

Don’t know who to turn to for help? Turn to the University. Each student pays out the bucket for the resources that are readily available yet few take full advantage of what is offered. Career Services, located on the first floor in Clark Hall, offers a variety of ways to help improve your resume/cover letter, obtain internships, and find work in your field. Their mission statement (found on the Mckendree University website) is to:

  • Give our students the opportunity to become actively involved in developing their career by providing a variety of training activities, programs, and services that support the goals of our students and McKendree University.
  • Encourage students to take initiative and be active in developing their career, using Career Services to help guide them towards success in a career and our society as a whole.
  • Help students understand that developing a career path is truly a life-long process.

Don’t waste any more time. Career Services is available for each student during their college years and beyond. Even if you feel it is too late to begin an internship or find any experience before you graduate you can still turn to Career Services for job placement. The Mckendree website states that each student should “contact Career Services for assistance with finding part-time jobs on campus, career planning, resume preparation, interviewing skills, and job search after graduation/certification” and each student should.

So, before you leave these hallowed halls take advantage of all of the resources available. Go to Career Services, attend that resume writing seminar, and register for that independent study/internship with your advisor. Don’t neglect the opportunities that are staring each student right in the face. We all pay a wheelbarrow full of money to gain this first rate degree and let’s face it, we all need more in this life, and economy, than just a piece of paper hanging on our bedroom wall.

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I’m assuming that Mother Nature has decided that fall is here and man is it back with a vengeance. I know this is the ‘windy city’ and the climate here is nothing short of unpredictable, but at least some warning would be nice. Like a little card in the mail every day counting down to the horrible start of the ferocious, and long, winter. A winter I have come to love (yeah right) in my short time living in this city.I’m not looking forward to this winter. Not at all. I spent my first couple of months living in this beautiful city during the worst part of its winter, January. I did not enjoy having to wear layers of clothing and staying indoors every single minute of every single day. The lack of sunshine made me 10xs more depressed and I had to constantly clean my nice pair of suede boots I got as a present from a girl my sister met in Paris (Bought in Milan no doubt).

But the thing that bothers me the most is that I won’t have that extra layer of ‘baby’ keeping me warm this year. I was pregnant all throughout the last harsh winter and I don’t know how I will manage this year without the 15 lbs of baby blocking the freezing wind and snow. I’m now just a pile of bones with no padding and I’m going to freeze to death. FREEZE TO DEATH.

So, if you see a woman laying in an alley shivering and clutching her stomach screaming, “Why me God?” Don’t do anything, just walk away. It’s probably a crazy hobo, not me. If you want to know where I’ll be .. Just look up at any nearest building and picture me inside. Because like my daughter 7 months ago, I will be gestating inside the warmth of my apartment this winter. And what a joyous winter it will be.